Ways To Get Paid!

When you share this GLEE opportunity with others there are different ways you can get paid

Commissions Paid for a DollarStore Purchase

  • When you buy a DollarStore you earn a token bonus at the time of purchase
  • Bonus amount varies on the type of payment

Commissions Paid for Utilization of Tokens within DollarStore

  • Purchases at DollarStore paid with GLEE tokens earns a token bonus
  • Bonus varies on sale amount
  • This extends in your affiliate team by two downlines

Commissions Paid for Sales of GLEE Tokens

  • When you refer others to join GLEE you earn a token bonus
  • This bonus varies on the amount of tokens they purchase
  • Anytime your affiliate purchases more tokens, you earn a bonus
  • This extends in your affiliate team by two downlines

Our Commission Plan

GLEE316 has a 2 tiered commission plan with additional bonuses for performance

Levels Percentage
Level 1 10% First Referral Downline
Level 2 5% Second referral downline
Leadership Bonus 5% 316 Farmers in Heirarchy or 316 Million Tokens Owned in Heirarchy
Executive Pool Bonus 5% 2 Leadership Bonus Qualifiers